Scientific coauthorship

Inappropriate coauthorship is the rule in the academic community. As a result, funding is diverted from young people with fresh ideas and science becomes stale.

This site lists research about inappropriate coauthorship - statistics of undeserving academic authors. I just started the list and expect to add many other relevant manuscripts (if you have a manuscript to add, please email a pdf file to

So far, nothing has changed in the scientific community - the prevalence of inappropriate coauthorship is the same as it was.
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02/01/2000 Aidan Hollis Coauthorship and the output of academic economists

01/24/2006 Anne Boschini and Anna Sjogren Is team formation gender neutral? Evidence from coauthorship patterns.

07/15/1998 Annette Flanagin, Lisa Carey, Phil Fontanarosa, Stephanie Phillips, Brian Pace, George Lundberg, Drummond Rennie Prevalence of articles with honorary authors and ghost authors in peer-reviewed medical journals.

04/01/2012 Carolin Haeussler, Henry Sauermann The Impact of Project Contributions and Social Factors on Authorship and Inventorship

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07/09/2000 Eugen Tarnow How do we bring authorship out of the bedroom?

03/12/2001 Eugen Tarnow The correlation of fellow distinction and age in physics: social Darwinism, respect for elders of fellowship as wonder drug?

09/01/2002 Eugen Tarnow Don’t give yourself a bad name

09/28/2004 Eugen Tarnow Byline corruption can only be controlled by true stakeholders

11/08/2002 Eugen Tarnow Optimizing science

06/14/1999 Eugen Tarnow An offending survey

06/28/2002 Eugen Tarnow Subconscious ratings of inappropriate coauthorship in physics

05/13/1999 Eugen Tarnow The authorship list in physics - postdocs' perceptions of who appears and why

10/03/2002 Eugen Tarnow Editors should be the marketers, not the guardians, of the scientific record

08/01/2008 Eugen Tarnow Subconscious Ratings of Inappropriate Coauthorship in Physics

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08/09/2006 Kanchan Chandra, Jennifer Gandhi, Gary King, Arthur Lupia, Edward Mansfield APSA Working Group on Collaborative Research

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11/08/2014 Ljiljana Vučković-Dekić Multiauthorship and False Authorship: Why Worrying About This?

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04/11/2001 M. E. J. Newman Clustering and preferential attachment in growing networks

11/08/2000 M. E. J. Newman Who is the best connected scientist? A study of scientific coauthorship networks